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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

House of Ruth provides housing and support services for people with HIV/AIDS and their families who are homeless, at risk of losing their homes, or need financial help.  We do this through a continuum of services:  emergency shelter, short and long-term housing, mental health counseling, advocacy for clients, and basic needs assistance to provide food, rent, utilities, public transportation, and back-to-school support.

Vision Statement

A world where the diagnosis of HIV is free of stigma, discrimination, and limitations on a person’s life or capabilities.



We act with mercy and kindness, recognizing that no one is perfect and everyone needs help and support from others at times.


We recognize the worth of each person and strive to treat all people with dignity.


We empower our clients to have positive expectations for the future.


We hold ourselves to the highest morals and ethics.


We do what we say we will do and are answerable for our actions and decisions.


We work together to achieve common goals.


We use our resources in a way that merits public trust.

man showing another man compassion