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Long-Term Housing Program

Our Long-term Housing Program provides safe, affordable housing to individuals and their family affected by HIV/AIDS. House of Ruth owns and maintains 17 single-family properties and has working relationships with community landlords throughout Louisville.

The purpose of our Long-term Housing Program is to help HIV/AIDS clients eliminate financial and social/emotional barriers that have kept them from getting and maintaining permanent housing. To help our clients achieve this goal, we offer support services that include individualized case management, financial assistance, crisis intervention, behavioral health services, and referrals.


Housing, along with support services, saves the community $16,000 per person per year in emergency room and inpatient medical costs. At House of Ruth, we serve about 600 clients each year, resulting in over $9 million in savings for our community.

Each of our clients has different needs and goals, but housing is the foundation that makes it possible for them to take their HIV medications as needed to maintain their health.

  • John came to us through one of our Glade House Emergency Shelter beds and worked with staff to find an apartment. When he moved into his VERY FIRST apartment, he was brought to tears as he unlocked the door to his home for the very first time.  
  • Kevin was accepted on the kidney transplant list after 10 years of dialysis. Safe, affordable housing provided the stability Kevin needed to make the lifestyles changes that were necessary to be an organ recipient.


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is the primary funder of the agency’s housing programs. Other significant funders include Louisville Metro Government and Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

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